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Industries We Serve

Medical and Dental:

Medical/Dental professionals and related organizations, including clinics, medical groups and boutique practices, utilize Ascend CPA and Advisors, LLC for accounting services, performance analysis and optimization, cash management, and tax planning.  Our staff is knowledgeable in various aspects of the medical/dental industries, including, but not limited to industry-specific tax deduction internal controls to help prevent theft, and the effective utilization of tax saving retirement tools.

In addition to preparing tax returns for both medical professionals, and business entities, we provide guidance with respect to entity structuring to support effective tax strategies.  Since 2002, we have successfully served medical and dental professionals who operate private practices individually, or as a part of a medical service organization. 

Restaurants and Accommodation:

Ascend CPA and Advisors, LLC supports the business needs of restaurants, including formal and informal dining facilities. Our services help management to effectively evaluate performance and identify opportunities to best utilize resources, while complying with state and federal reporting requirements.  We also offer extensive tax reporting and planning services.

Legal & Professional Services:

Ascend CPA and Advisors, LLC provides legal advisors with the qualitative and quantitative financial information required to effectively manage their respective business entities.  We provide the personalized attention you deserve to ensure that internal financial reporting is accurate and tax liability is minimized. 

Entertainment & Industry Professionals and Entertainers:

For nearly 20 years, Ascend CPA and Advisors, LLC has assisted Las Vegas Industry service  professionals with devising strategies to diversify income streams and effective tax strategies.  Our experts are well versed in the latest tax code modifications and enjoy helping you formulate effective tax strategies.

Construction Services:

Our services are uniquely designed to suit the special needs of construction contractors.  We are well versed in the areas of internal financial reporting, job costing and cash management.  In addition, when relevant, we recommend tax saving opportunities hinged  on cost segregation, like-kind exchanges and accelerated depreciation. Our skilled staff provides outstanding advisory services to help management evaluate and optimize resources and cash flow.

Real Estate Professionals and Investors:

For nearly two decades, Ascend CPA and Business Advisors, LLC has provided real estate professionals with the peace of mind that stems from comprehensive reporting of rental activity, entity structuring and accounting services. Our staff is well versed with respect to the reporting requirements relating to the acquisition and sale of real estate.  We also provide assistance with the structuring and reporting of Section 1031 exchanges and asset protection. 

Other Industries

Ascend CPA and Advisors, LLC has also positively impacted clients from companies involved with HVAC repair, automotive repair, veterinary care, mortgage lending, janitorial services, security and event staffing, online/brick and mortar wholesale and retail product sales, insurance brokerage, dance studios, advertising and marketing, and various other industries.